[room service atlanta recap]

on yestersday i blogged about part of my day trip to atlanta. the other half of my day was spent with two powerful and heart giving women, dayka robinson and erika ward, along with a team of supporters.

many people believe mr. goodwill hunting the blog, came out of nowhere. not true. i have been around since 2008 and actively blogging since 2009...
...and dayka robinson has been with me since the very beginning. she remembers when the blog had a black background...lol
ive known erika for a while as well. i just cant remember when we actually became acquainted in blogland, because she has sucjh a kindred spirit.
room service atlanta (which i blogged about here) wrapped up their nicholas house project at the mitchell gold-bob williams showroom. the event was filled with designers, supporters, mommies and aunties, husbands and moving guys. i was so thrilled to witness what a few exchanges via email and twitter can produce. 

while i was there supporting my dear friends, i also had the chance to meet so many virtual folk that i have tweeted and chatted with in blogland. 
can i share them with you?
lori may of lori may interiors
tiffany of savor home and lori may
april denise of unique illusions and chandra thompson of liv luv design
rhoda of southern hospitality (pictured 2nd from right) along with the carpool gang. 

i also met a few new faces like shelly dozier-mckee, kimberly ward, julie halloway, anisa darnell, renae moore and a host of other beautiful faces in the place. 
although i was present and accounted for, i missed eating this spread....sigh.

i know there are many great things ahead for room service atlanta. i am encouraging all those who are in the atlanta area to visit the rsa website or contact dayka and erika to see what you can do to bring design to a great community. 

now i didnt have my camera so a big thank you to those who agreed to let me borrow their pictures from the event. i always credit images back to their source. click "via" to see additional pictures.
now dont forget about this giveaway going on here.