[thrifting with mr. goodwill hunting]

one of the most amazing things about this blog is that i have the opportunity to meet some amazing people, who ultimately become great friends of mine. back in february, i completed a small makeover for a client, which also happened to be featured on the nate berkus show, shown here

one of my services i offer as a lifestyle design blogger is a personal shopping experience.
sometimes people just need a little push in the right direction.

lets see how a recent personal shopping experience unfolded with my dc client.

before we even walked in the store we saw these bikes. my client wouldn't let me ride one.
(crappy photo...i just bought the camera days before arriving)
although i was shopping with my client, i couldn't help but plunder through the books. heaven.
these light fixtures could have been awesome in black.
for a rustic feel...we could've bought this antler chandelier. but...er raa ummm...it was a no go.
now this huge painting would have been a perfect focal point in a child's room or a nursery...
and seeing that my client was 8 months pregnant at the time we went shopping...we probably should've bought it. wait now. she was 8 months pregnant, but she had more energy than i did! seriously.
does this look familiar? well after i blogged about my score here, my client refused to let me take it. so here it sits in her home.
during my client's personal shopping experience, we saw a lot of items we wanted (i meant she wanted), but just didn't have the space for them all.
and yes...i have a NO policy. sorry ambrie...lol
if this lamp had a sister near by, it would've went home with us and would have gotten a nice high gloss coat of black paint!
remember these chairs i blogged about here?
now some people may think $69 for each of these bird prints were a steal...but we didn't. 
(i really want to insert a good fowl joke here...but i cant think of any...lol)
remember this painting (here)?
above all else thrifting with mr. goodwill hunting is a whole lotta fun!

guess what? SHE HAD THE BABY!!!
oooohhhh and awww your hearts out....HERE.
thanks so much barbie for letting me crash DC with you...

if you or a group of friends would like to schedule a personal thrifting experience with mr. goodwill hunting email rashon@rashoncarraway.com and lets do it!

Perhaps you would like a personal design assistance, my rates are listed here.

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