[TIP# 1 for a budget makeover]

it is really exciting to know so many of you are inspired to visit your local eco-friendly stores (thrift stores) and are finding amazing treasures. 

although i create budget inspired spaces, the truth, there is a careful mix of both new and old pieces in a room. i admit it can be a challenge to create a room totally filled with eco-friendly and second hand pieces (tho i do it often), but if you are willing to wait and curate over time, you can achieve a great space. rome wasn't built in a day...eh?

what you see on tv is an ACTUAL makeover. 

please be aware that designing these spaces for tv is a HANDS ON job for me. it is much more than just painting and flopping pillows around. there is a legal and safety component as well. 

so a BIG thank you to Nate's entire team who help me in every way. 

over the course of the blog i will drop tips on how to achieve a budget makeover.
every item you see in a second hand store has the potential to be something amazing. if you remember i blogged here about the above chairs. i can promise you, if a boutique shop owner had seen these chairs before i did, they would have quickly picked them up and placed them in a client's home with a much higher price tag. i'm not mad at that. had these chairs not been for this client i would have bought them and shipped them back to rock hill...STAT!

so don't think because it is in a thrift store it doesn't have value. yes it does. some of you may think it's beneath you to step foot in a second hand store. trust me, some of the most sought after designers bop into the same places you drive past. well...there assistant anyway.

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting
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