[charlotte blogger meet-up]

twitter is like a modern day golf course, in that major collaborations are birthed there. a few months ago i was tweeting it up trying to see what interest was around a charlotte home and lifestyle blogger meet-up. there was certainly an interest, but everybody seemed to be so busy.

a few weeks ago i met rachel sutherland (who does not like her picture taken). as we were talking i mentioned to her that since her new client high cotton home has just moved into charlotte, why not have a meet-up there. well we did. here are the pictures to prove it.
apparently i was looking at the wrong camera, but here i am with katy of eat drink & decor8, kim of super chyc  and emily clark of emily clark
i spent most of my time here at the wine cheese and cracker table...no seriously i did. i was mad hungry!
i met a new friend, rhonda of moondoonie, who by the way, will be joining me and other charlotte thrifters for the BIGGEST PARTY EVER!!!
i spotted these trina turk pillows immediately when i walked in, although they had someone's label on them.
i met rodney hines, the owner of high cotton home charlotte. he was so enthused about the company and all of the great products and concepts it was bringing to the charlotte market. can you tell we were just a happy bunch...lol
me and my bff emily again. although we had never met prior to the charlotte meet-up everyone thought we were sisters and brothers because we were chatting it up so much...lol. no? but seriously she is a jewel. how does she juggle so much...the world will NEVER know!!! 
fashionista kim along with aleigh of goodwill industries
i really like how the show room at high cotton is a mixture of feature pieces and creative finds from flea markets and other second hand stores.
i think they called the wrong name for the door prize, but she looked happy so i didn't say anything...lol

it was so great hanging out with all of the charlotte bloggers...we had a BLAST!!!

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