[i love thrifting ROLL CALL part 1]

i am very excited to see so many groups coming forward to participate. inasmuch that some cities have multiple groups.

i cant wait to see all of the pictures of you guys in your t-shirts and with your AMAZING finds. i was going to wait until next week to do this, but here is a brief listing of "i <3 thrifting" chapters.

i will be linking exact locations and hosts early next week so that you guys will know who to link up with.
i am adding more cities to the list as they come in. 
if you dont see your city and would like your city to be part, please email me. 

if you havent picked up a t-shirt, please do so at www.ilovethrifting.com. the inventory is getting little low and i want to make sure everyone has them before they run out. 

i will be profiling hosts sporting their t-shirts in the coming days. 
if you have picked up your shirt from www.ilovethrifting.com and are interested in possibly being on the  www.ilovethrifting.com site, please let me know. 

if you don't have a group but still want to participate, you can wear your t-shirt from www.ilovethrifting.com and send me a picture of you in it and i can upload it during recap week.

you can also participate in the twitter party just use the hashtag #ilovethrifting.