[i love thrifting day recap part 1]

okay. if you didnt go thrifting with us this past weekend raise your hand.
uh huh
just want to let you know that you missed an AMAZING time!
twitter was a buzz this saturday with the hashtag #ilovethrifting.
the charlotte chapter came out in great numbers. i think we had maybe 40 persons joining in the party.
i could not have done it with the nester. she was so bright-eyed, fun, excited and as sweet as a paula deen buttered up apple pie!
i was so excited to see pam, who is the voice behind diy fanatic. i think we talked all the way out the door right straight to our cars. she has so much talent. of course i knew this because i do follow her blog. and you should too...here.
kim, of superchyc was wheeling and dealing on Saturday but you have to check her out on twitter to see all of her amazing finds. 
i admit that i spent most of my time meeting and greeting and not really taking a lot of pictures, but this was a light fixture one of the thrifters found and we were contemplating what to do with the finish. i cant wait to see it in their space. 
this mirror was a pair. BUT...they arent even for sale. they are on display because a worker has no place to store them, but decided they did an excellent job reflecting the light. well yea...but i mean.
well i know my photos are few, but the recap continues on facebook where i will be uploading photos all all week long of "i <3 thrifting" tee-shirt wearers and some of their great finds. take a moment to check the twitter feed for #ilovethrifting where you can find blog recaps and even videos from around the thrifting world.

so how much fun did you have?
what city did you participate in?