[in loving memory of my great grand-mother]

i dont often get extremely personal on my blog.  but this past weekend was a major milestone for part of my family.

the matriarch on my father's side passed away. she was 80 years old. i believe she had 15 children, 90 great-grands, 57 grand children a host of great-great-grands, nieces, nephews and so many more.

when i first got the text from my sister tues morning july 5, 2011, i was certainly at a moment of quietness. she had been ill for the past few weeks and her health was certainly failing. regardless of how prepared we believe we are, sometimes death takes us by surprise.
out of the hundreds of family members, i received the call to eulogize her homegoing. speaking in front of thousands comes easy. however, i was extremely nervous as a 27-year old, to speak regarding the life of an 80-year old warrior.

i can honestly say, i felt God's presence leading me in the right direction as i mounted and opened my mouth. if you know anything about black pentecostal churches...then you may have a good idea of how the eulogy went. im from the south and thats just how we do.

i will be back on tomorrow with some pictures, but i wanted to take take today to honor someone dear to me.

thank you for those who sent emails, twitter messages in my families time of loss. it means a lot.