[Momma GWH sneak peek]

my biggest supporter has always been my mother, Momma GWH.
i went home this weekend for our annual church convocation and spent time with my family. when my sister and i were babies and toddlers, my mother made all of our clothes. matching clothes. boys and girls sailor outfits...lol

while i would do almost anything to have her make me something she says men clothing takes a lot longer to craft than women clothing...oh well.

Momma GWH made this dress for a dear friend of mine who wore it this weekend during our annual church gathering. the client, Lady C, chose this beautiful golden satin and shimmery fabric and Momma used her 30 plus years of sewing to put it all together (i will show more of it later).
remember this coat, hat and bag Momma GWH made for herself last year?

i will show a little more of Momma GWH custom pieces as the year moves along.