[NEW SERIES: thrifting changed my life]

whether one has a modest amount of money or considerably cash flow thriting at some point or another has been part of their lives. for many of us thrifting has not only been part of our lives, but in many cases has changed  our lives

although this blog is MORE than just thrifting...right now is as good a time to promote the beauty of thrifting.

i am beginning a purely voluntary series called "thrifting has changed my life" this is an opportunity for me to introduce yourself to me as well as thousands of thrifters across the world. perhaps your business is based on thrifting. perhaps you have landed on tv because of thrifting. i know many of you have furnished your own home through thrifting. so if you have a story, keep reading and the details will be below.

first person in this series is Rhoda Montgomery of Southern Hospitality in her own words.

Long before thrifting became cool again, I’ve been scouring yardsales and thriftstores looking for bargains. Why pay full price for things when you can find perfectly good items at such a deep discount by shopping 2nd hand? It just never made sense to me to pay more for things than was necessary, so thrifting became a way of life for me many years ago. Now with the economy in such a slump, so many people are shopping this way now and it has caught on like wildfire!

Back in early 2007, I started my blog, Southern Hospitality, and shared my love of thrifting on my blog with all my readers. I quickly found that there are lots of kindred spirits out in blogland who feel the same way I do about thrifting. They love a bargain just like I do! Sharing those finds has become a weekly party for me as I have a linky party every Sunday/Monday so that others can share their thrifty finds.
Once you get out there and shop like this, it quickly becomes addicting and you will find a real distaste for shopping retail. Those higher prices at the retail stores will make you turn up your nose, once you score a few fabulous finds for less. Whether it be from a yardsale or a thriftstore, it doesn’t matter the source. Finding a bargain is a high all by itself!
About ½ of the accessories in my former home came from yardsales and thrifting and I would proudly show off those finds to friends who came to visit. They loved hearing about my finds and how I took something that was not so pretty and made it into something desirable and beautiful for my home. That’s the thrill of thrifting! You never know what you will find and you can train yourself to look at something in a whole new way.

So, how has thrifting changed my life most of all? Since I started blogging, it has allowed me to turn something that started as a fun hobby that I love blogging about into a business and allows me to work at home for myself, something I’ve always wanted to do.

I love this thrifty life and will never stop shopping this way! 

this series is purely voluntary.

if you would like to be featured in this series, "thrifting has changed my life", send in a photo of you in an "i <3 thrifting" shirt and no more than 300 words and a few picture to 
mr. goodwillhunting@gmail.com

of course there is july 9, 2011