[new york to do list...]

i have traveled to new york for the nate berkus show three times this year. today will make my fourth visit. it is certainly a great opportunity to be supported by someone that so many love...including oprah.

normally, when i arrive in new york, i go to my hotel, walk around upper west side, eat, return to my hotel and sleep. its quite embarrassing to be in one of the most iconic cities in the world and fail to take full advantage of the many sights and sounds. okay the last time i was in new york i did meet two college friends and we had dinner in time square. it wasn't as exciting as they show in the movies though.

this time i made a combined list of things i want to do and places i want to visit. 

the brooklyn circus is one of my favorite online shops and i have wanted to visit them for the longest.
ryan leslie, a harvard university graduate is by far one of the most underrated r&b artist on the planet. so i am excited to hear him live in nyc.
the metropolitan museum of art is quite iconic. i would like to do a tour, but im not sure of my entire schedule...so it will fit it where it can get it.
i would like to see a broadway play...unfortunately many of the decent priced tickets seem to be sold out. and since im not wealthy or rich...well ya know...

okay these are the only 4 i have...right now
lame i know, but since i am traveling alone i am rarely motivated to go out. 

do you have any good recommendations for good nyc spots?