[what a weekend...]

[what a weekend] this has been. while death occurs everyday, it was truly sad to hear about the atrocity in norway. i dont think anyone wakes up knowing they will never be able hear laughter again, experience hurt or see another rainbow. life can be a vapor... present but short lived.

this weekend was my niece's 1st birthday party. i'm not sure if my niece knew the party was for her, but  she was excited. happy to see her uncle shon. o_O
blurry pic...niece wanted to play photographer...lol
deep dark eyes...seriously who can resist? i cant. i don't even try.
a birthday party isnt complete until you have a lil cake. regardless of who makes the cake or how fancy it is...you simply need cake.
i think this may have been the first time my niece has actually seen fire, because she wanted to play with it...uh no. lol
when i arrived to the party only my nieces were there (among other family members and guests). my oldest niece may or may not be a beyonce fan. closer to "may", might i add. she thought it would be fitting to show everyone a few dance moves. i dont have pictures of that...whew!
my nephew was away at camp and wasnt there when i pulled up. i was like an impatient child on a long road trip, i kept asking where was he. matter fact we all wanted to see him. especially me, seeing thhat i am the furtherest from everyone i don't see them as much.
so when he finally made it, we were all overjoyed. short-lived because he had to leave rather quickly. i may or may not have cried. okay i didnt. but i really wanted to spend more time with him. unfortunately, i am only his uncle and have no parental control over his affairs. he is only 9.

he did bring me a gift from camp for my house. which doesn't match or go with anything in my apartment, but because he gave it to me, it holds a greater sentimental value than anything thrifted or custom made.
after the birthday party my sister, mother and myself drove to see my younger brother teach a clinic regarding the intricacies of being a professional percussionist. which he is. 
he is 21 and certainly is growing, but what an honor and privilege to hear him speak about his passion. he has heard me speak all through his life, but i had NEVER heard or seen him take front and center. so i sat right in the front row and was attentive at every point and every turn of his informative presentation.
now my brother has been playing the drums since he was a baby. pulling out my mother's pots and pans and banging on them. she never took them away, she simply bought more and eventually bought him a drum set.
our mother has ALWAYS been supportive.
fast forward 21 years or so and here we are all students being taught by the youngest. musicians, like every other group, speak their own language. if you speak drum talk, click here to view my iPhone video of one of his presentations
so that's what i did over the weekend.

what did you do this weekend?