[mixology monday: Astor & Black]

some time ago, i came across astor & black, a custom men's clothier company. if you know me by now, you know i enjoy being classically well dressed. between civic engagements and church functions suits are a staple in my wardrobe.
i contacted another clothing company sometime ago regarding getting fitted for suits and the representative missed his appointment and then emailed me an hour AFTER the appointment with an excuse. not good. such is NOT the case with astor and black and their charlotte representative david watkins. i knew watkins was a man of the cloth, because he arrived in a well tailored pinstriped suit.
bespoke garments are tailored to the exact body frame of the client in which it is intended. as you can tell this suit,  like a few others i own, fit perfectly. when david came to my house to talk with me and after i looked over his selection, i knew peaked lapels were in order. we both thought this navy blue was a great choice as it is very versatile.
custom garments are an investment. while you may not be able to afford every piece in your closet to be custom having a few pieces in your wardrobe is essential. it goes without saying, but i will say it anyway, custom clothiers allow you to chose fabrics and style of your garment. the above shirt was a custom one where i decided to turn the stripe fabric horizontally in order to give it additional interest. small change, but amazing results. 

i always tend to mix and match high and low end pieces together. the suit of course, is an investment piece, while the tie was only 50 cents from a local thrift store and the tie pin (below) was picked up while traveling in new york, was $3.
many will say my selected lining of my jacket is hot pink. its not. its fuchsia. even if the lining were hot pink, id wear it anyway. im not afraid of color in the least bit. just not overkill.  

i combined my striped shirt with a plaid tie, while keeping every other element solid. sometimes focusing pattern in one area gives visual rest to the passerby, but quickly gives them clearance to check out the details of its context.
small attention to details, lets you know someone has carefully considered their selections. this type behavior sets a company like astor and black above the rest. 
i am a thriter. yes. but i am also a lover of custom clothing from great companies such as astor and black. an investment piece whether a gentleman or a woman will give your closet that added credibility. please take a moment to visit astor and black on their facebook page

id love to hear what you think.


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