[im no food blogger, BUT...]

...i love food and i wanna talk about food on the blog. its been a while since i have blogged about food slash entertaining slash tablescapes, like i did here and here and here. the fact is, i am a creative individual and i love pretty much all areas of classic designs. whether it be entertaining, home design or fashion. i am a fan.

albeit i am not a food blogger, i enjoy reading various food blogs from time to time and commenting on them when i can.

for the past few years i have been sneaking off to harris teeter, buying a slice of ricotta cheesecake for dessert. like three times a week.
i am not big on sweets or the like. however, this one $3 slice of cake is exceptional and the exception. they also have it with whipped cream and cherries. i normally buy it plain and embellish it with my fruit of choice like these rasberries, that almost didn't make it onto the cheesecake. 

speaking of cheesecake...

i went to the cheesecake factory and asked if they had anything similar. of course, the waiter's reply was, "ricotta cheese is used in like lasagna and stuff, not cheesecake." humph. a simple "no sir" wouldve sufficed.

have you ever tried ricotta cheesecake?
got a recipe for a good one?


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