[sneak peek: office space starting point]

as a lifestyle expert and a designer/decorator, i often receive emails regarding my design and lifestyle services which you can read about here. many clients simply need a [starting point].

jeff contacted me a few weeks ago and stated that he had a small room in which he wanted to turn into an office space. however he did NOT want it to feel like an typical office.

after sending jeff a custom questionnaire regarding his space and after a few email exchanges, i came up with this starting point.
as you can tell this room is quite basic in the color scheme, but what makes it appealing is the various patterns which gives the space interest. this is important in a small room, where high impact is desired. as you can see the suggestion is a very graphic wallpaper which will be balanced out by a cooler grey tone for the remaining walls. there are no windows in this space, so the wallpaper is the focal point.
i am proposing similar chairs to these. the first chair is certainly iconic of a "man space." and the worn caramel colored leather is quite perfect. for the the louis style chairs i am suggesting the wood part of the chairs be painted black or perhaps a deep ebony stain. i would also like to see the cane portion of the chair remain its natural color, which will add another visual layer of interest to the room and also tie into the buttery leather chair.

the desk? 

well, he already has a very traditional desk that has been in storage for a while. we intend to bring that out and modify it a bit to fit the space.

what a great starting point.

what element do you like most about this inspiration board?


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