[society social and gDub...]

i feel somewhat like a bad blogger. really. i will tell you why.

a few days ago society social launched its manifeesto magalog. while flipping through the well-styled and beautifully captured images i went "hunting," to find out more. well as the joy bells were ringing, i found out that the owner roxy also known as the "bar cart lady," lived in charlotte, nc. she is also the voice behind the blog my cup of te. i felt bad because all this time ive tried to connect with so many local bloggers and she slipped right under my nose.
[roxy gave me a hard time with snapping a photo, lol, but here she is]
it could have been really bad because in just a few months she will be moving to new york. the great new york.

well after a few exchanges via twitter we managed to set a date to hear all about each others businesses, where we grew up and the like.
we met last week at press in uptown charlotte, a very low-key wine bar. her kind of place. after spending  a few hours at press, gDub was hongry. so we made our way to the kings kitchen also in uptown charlotte.
i have seen promotional fliers for this restaurant many times, but because i live in rock hill, i never had an opportunity to visit. the food was great. seeing that roxy and i are both lovers of soul food (southern cooking if you will), we felt right at home.
the design of the kings kitchen was simple and elegant and the atmosphere was so comforting.
maybe it was all of the stripes that caught my attention. albeit the light was not great for picture taking it was perfect for setting the mood.
there was a great jazz band playing when we arrived, but that joy was soon ended.
so i met a new friend this past weekend. very excited. make sure you visit roxy on her blog and if you need a bar cart and more treasures, but sure to drop by the society social website.


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