[are you a new friend of the blog?]

since my last segment with nate berkus, i have gained so many new friends.

if you are just joining the fun here on the blog, mr. goodwill hunting, i want to point out a few things here on the blog that you may not know about.
there is the shop, which is an online men's store here on the blog where i offer various vintage items for your sartorial needs. if you are needing something in particular please be sure to email me and i will keep an eye out for you.
i do offer design services for private clients. if you have a space that you want to take to the next level. i am your guy. for more information and for basic rates, click on the photo and it will take you to a more detailed page. 
one of the most popular services is the video design. its a great product if you don't have the ability to bring me to your home or if you just need some additional help with a room.
i have just opened up the blog for holiday advertising. if you are interested please contact me for all the information. advertising here will certainly get you noticed around the world and by active consumers. 
this is a great event that i hope those in the charlotte and the surrounding areas will attend. teams are gathering and you should definitely come out!

all of these will be located on the sidebar so that you can have access to them. 

just in case you are new here. 

i will be back later on with some more photos and such.