[tuesday's thrifty tip: sofas]

i just left the cbs studios completing another awesome makeover for the nate berkus show. since being on the nate show, many of you have been inspired to add a little thrift to your spaces. many times you see jaw dropping transformations and perhaps say, "i can never do that to my home."

the truth is you can. for tv we do things in rapid pace. we work very hard to get many items transformed over the course of a few weeks. this is daunting. so i thought i would show you one thrifted piece and how to began transforming your space.
i posted this photo to facebook a couple of weeks ago. a $25 sofa i saw in goodwill and encouraged someone to purchase. i didn't need another sofa, thats why i didn't buy it. 

although there are a ton of reupholstery options to transform this piece, let's face it. re-upholstery can be expensive if you don't have the skills to do it yourself...and do it well.
as you can see from above colorful pillows can really change your mind about a sofa. 

pillows can be an inexpensive way to make a dated sofa look fresh and revived. pillows can be bought off line or you can make them from thrifted shirts (like $3.99 each) or from vintage prom dresses. if you don't sew, you can use the double sided hemming taping and churn out a great pillow.
how about painting the wood on the sofa white and adding these pillows and perhaps a throw?

just wanted to show you how even a inexpensive (not cheap) piece can be incorporated into your space.  

you can have a great space. one piece at a time.