[behind the scenes...]

october 17th (this monday) i will be on the nate show revealing another makeover, that you DONT want to MISS. since the show is forth coming, i wanted to at least give you a sneak peek behind the scenes at some of what happens during the field taping. 
this is the actual behind the scene footage that you will see on monday. i was quite nervous with this particular makeover because there were a few design elements i had never really tried before. while i love being creative in various homes, i do realize the most important thing is to make sure the homeowner is happy with the space that was created.
on the last segment with nate you guys saw me in the workshop transforming each piece for one of nate's fans. i am not sure i have ever shown you guys behind the scenes of the actual taping so here are a few.
chris (my go-to-design partner) and me
during the field taping there are a lot of smiles and retakes. although i did have a one take wonder during this visit. LOL. things are getting better and somewhat smoother. at least i think. LOL.

the camera guys are always so much fun. really they are. because most of them are freelance, i don't always work with the same person. however i must admit that each one of them produces amazing quality work.

there are many hands that make each of my segments come to life. there is probably another 6 people hanging around that arent pictured. and a special thank you to natalie who whipped out the camera to take these pictures.

every segment there is something special that happens. you wont believe the piece i found on this visit.

you gotta watch it!