[home office reveal]

well here it is my new office. the great things about the space, is that i actually use it. its not really a new space, its actually my dining room.
my desk was actually located in my bedroom. click HERE to see it. like most people, my intentions to use my dining room to entertain more, fell way off this year.
if you remember HERE, i blogged about selling my dining chairs. i wanted to replace the dining table with a pool table. albeit some pool tables can be inexpensive, the cost of transporting a pool table is quite expensive.

there is a long saga behind the dining table that i started telling sometime ago. i left a few of you hanging. i will pick back up on that story very soon. until then, you should note that because my dining room had not table and chairs, i really need a table, so i hauled the one out of my bedroom. 
when that alcove was empty, i decided to bring the chair out as well. one thing led to another and the decision to make the dining room into an office was born. 

since transforming the dining room into my office, i have been in here writing blog posts, emailing and taking care of client needs. more than likely the best decision to date for this space. now its a little bittersweet because i signed my 3rd year rental lease a few days ago. i didn't anticipate renting this long and i certainly didn't anticipate my previous job laying off half of my department.

but i am a romans 8:28 believer. 
since this is the actual first dedicated space to the office, i can assure you there will be a few changes and updates along the way.

if you don't already know, most of the items in here were from a thrift store or  a discount home store. 
i will give you a full break down on cost on next week. 

and this is my new home office!