[my small closet and THE SHOP opens]

someone left a comment a few weeks ago on the blog asking to see my closet. they probably assumed my closet was sizable because of the clothing displayed on here on the blog and facebook. the truth is i was this close to being a fashion blogger. i know right. i still may do it very soon. hint. hint. 
i am a renter. therefore, i had absolutely influence on how big the closet is or its layout . as a renter i refuse to make any modifications that i am unable to take with me. so as it stands, i have a small closet and here it is.
as you can tell i am big on organization. all of the shirts you see hanging and grouped by colors. color coding is essential when i am looking for the perfect pink shirt that i am able to access it at a moments notice. organization shaves off so much time when getting ready for an engagement.
the truth is, i ran out of hangers a long time ago so what you see is probably 30% of the actual shirts i own.
make no mistake i have a certain type of dress style. its pretty much what most people would call "dressy." to me its casual. i consider myself dressy when i am in a full suit. i don't own many polo shirts. many three, that actually fit. working in a professional environment and being part of church ministry requires that i am dressed quite often. while some guys wear khakis or jeans to church, you will rarely find me in them. its the way i was brought up.
although only a very few are pictured here i have a huge collection of converse chuck taylors. i will wear them with almost anything...even a suit. the truth is i NEVER clean my chucks. a good pair of chuckss is a worn pair of chucks. i havent bought a pair in a while because i dont go out much, but i am always eager to buy another pair. 
pocket sqaures and pants. ahh yes. i have a good collection of pocket squares. i purchase a scalloped edged pocket square a few weeks ago from this junk shop. i will show you that one day. i have every basic colored pair of trousers from green to pink. i have a few plaid ones, but not as many as i would like. i doubt i will buy more, unless my social calendar gets s jolt of steroids. every gentleman should have a good arsenal of clothing at his disposal. its not about "how much" is in his closet, but about what he has in his closet. 
while taping the very latest makeover with nate berkus he asked, "how many bow ties to you actually own?" well nate, i own a few. many of you my fantastic readers may think i have a lot. perhaps. but im thinking im about mid-way to where id like to be. i love bow ties. what can i say.
perhaps i should note that i actually have more neck ties that bow ties. ties in general can be bought from almost anywhere. i dont buy as many ties unless a particular one really strikes my interest. 
i HAD a lot of suits. probably 3 times the amount you see here. however, some recent professional and personal transitions in my life has reduced my need to wear many them.  many of my suits were custom, some were thrifted and others were off-the-rack. regardless of the price point each suit was of quality material. i dont buy the twins. ever. with that in mind i have opened up...
since reorganizing my closet, i have decided to place many of my pieces in THE SHOP for your  purchasing pleasure. THE SHOP is a curated and inspirational shopping destination here on the blog and  will house of number of affordable suits, pocket squares, bow ties and cufflinks.

so visit THE SHOP. i will be updating it quite often.