[tweet and ye shall find]

on september 14th i tweeted the following:
now i knew if i went custom i would have a great one, but im not sure if would have been ready in the short length of time i needed. so i took my search on line and found the following. 
actually this would have been the perfect option. save the fact it was only a jacket and at $495 on my budget, it would have to have some britches before i put it in my cart. im not cheap, im thrifty.
now this one wasnt bad. the seller did an awful job staging it, but of course i could see past that. however, at $1299 for something i couldnt touch. exactly.
my main reason for not buying this one (outside of that noticeable spot), was the fact the seller told me i was calculating the size of the jacket incorrectly. really. me?

so a few days before needing the suit i visited one of my favorite vintage store and peeking out from the back with this.
[tweet and ye shall find] was all i could think about. now this suit is 100% wool and was made by a reputable men's company. i assume this suit was made in the 70s or so because the legs of the pants were flared. eh. that wasnt a problem my tailor couldnt fix.
i was looking for this particular suit because i was asked to walk the runway during charlotte fashion week.  the photos i viewed that were captured by some of the runway photographers were not great. so unfortunately this iPhone photo is the only one i have of just me that night.

even though i may frequent thrift stores, i always buy quality garments. i know the ladies find some amazing pieces in their go to thrift store. well men do too! 

this vintage power suit was brought into the modern world with some smart tailoring. no one believed it was a thrift/vintage piece.

so how much did it cost?


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