[thrifty tuesday: my loot from the weekend]

it has been quite some time since i actually went thrifting. i mean getting in the trenches and discovering gems. i will say i scored quite a few nice pieces. although i am a bit taken because there were two things i wanted, but left behind. truth is, after moving some stuff around. i really didnt need them. lets delve into what i found this weekend.

i was at a client's house this past saturday. between this and that i found my way to a local goodwill. i tweeted about this piece.
this was only $49! it needed some work with the drawers,  but if you are handy this could really become a bold statement piece in a room. a nice robin's egg blue. black would be my choice. but what about a nice royal purple? the possibilities are endless.
i found 11 silver charges for 49 cents each. these arent the plastic kinds you find in craft stores, but sterling sliver (or close...no actual markings). these charges will come in handy for the upcoming holidays. i am at a toss up between a sit down dinner or a hand in plate type deal. which ever i choose, i am fully prepared. 
at $1.99 this small compact beverage (not sure of the exact name) set just couldnt be passed up. of course, i am not using it for the intended purpose. if you close your eyes and think really hard, i am sure you can come up with several usages for the pieces in this little case. i did.

after i left my client's home and headed back to my house, i decided to make a quick pit stop to my local goodwill. i am certainly glad i did. i picked up some really great lamps.
these two lamps will be redone with this fabric for a client. they are so feminine and substantial. luckily the client trust me and know they will be amazing once updated. i will give a teaser and then a dedicated post to them.
this white lamp reminds me of the a swank lighting product. however, the cost is probably less than shipping for a swank lamp.
these two lamps i should NOT have bought. i didnt need them. point blank. somehow i manage to buy them anyway. yes i have buyers remorse. eh. if you want to purchase these you can send me an email. unless i find a place for them by the time your email comes through. lol. seriously though.

welp. thats what i found this weekend.
what do you think?
did you do any thrifting this weekend?
let's talk about it!