[$8 makeover]

these are by far my favorite lamps. i like the detailing (straight lines) and the finial really gives it that added touch. the lampshades are my favorite as well. i bought them on sale from pottery barn about 4+ years ago. if i knew then that black lampshades would be a challenge to find, i would have bought them all. 

this weekend i dropped by homegoods in charlotte to see if i could find a few items for a bedroom makeover. while there, i happened to the lamp department (if you have been following this blog for over a year you will note i have a LOT of lamps). i leaned down and saw these...
...2 black lampshade. i assumed they were going to be maybe $19.99 each. nope. they were only $7.99! 
these shades even had gold lining. win. win. all of the lampshades in my home are black. so this was really a no-brainer. 

while in the store i couldnt think of a single lamp i had that these shades would fit. however, i learned my lesson from said pottery barn story. so i bought them. to my surprise they actually were a perfect fit to my favorite lamps. even caused them to have a greater presence.
i admit, 80% of the time i hate the lampshades that come attached to lamps. lampshades are like a new haircut. the wrong shade can make a lamp look awkward, but the perfect shade speaks for itself. 
this pairing was unexpected. however, i like it tremendously. the lines of the lamp are actually mimicked in the shade. 

these shades with the gold lining creates such a dramatic atmosphere. shopping thrift stores and pairing them with items from other sources can often give your space a custom appearance. 

do you have a favorite lamp?


i love interacting with all of you on my FACEBOOK page. you guys truly offer great advice and tips as well. i posted the picture of my lamps on the FACEBOOK page and the first comment was by linette. heres what it said 
well i went back just to see if quite possibly...just perhaps...and what would you guess...
i had these lamps for so long that i never thought to check. this goes to prove that when you are looking for an item, buy what appeals to you. if it is a quality brand, then you scored twice!