i am so excited to announce "i <3 thrifting" day 2012! this past summer we had an amazing time all over the country. wait. all over the world! 
this year im having ANNOUNCEMENT PARTY in atlanta on december 3rd at the B&R Thrift Store. a big thank you to Two Stylish Kays & Virtuous Styls who did all of the hard work in helping me get this location. they have been supporters of Mr. Goodwill Hunting, the blog, for a long time. i appreciate them for agreeing to partner with me. 
atlanta turned up in record breaking numbers (because there was no record this summer with two  "i <3 thrifting" day parties 
i will be unveiling the new colors for the official "i <3 thrifting" t-shirts. the official i these bootlegged ones ive seen around some parts. 
matter fact i am hoping many of you beautiful ladies and handsome gentleman in the atlanta area will model all of the new colors during the fashion show.
i know many of you missed the one from this year, but dont fret, next year will be bigger and better. which will be the official site for the event.  in a few days you will be able to order your t-shirts for the "i <3 thrifting" day announcement party.
i must thank all of the hosts and hostess who took part. you guys were simply amazing. i could not have done it without you. i am hoping that each of your will join me this year. 
the hosts and hostess took very good care of their members, by doing goodie bags, giveaways and there  was even food at one location (i was not as gracious...imma do better next
(sorry about the crazy look on my
so JOIN ME for the "i <3 thrifting" day 2012 ANNOUNCEMENT PARTY on december 3, 2011 at B & R Thrift Store, in Atlanta GA!!!!