[stylish sunday: every well dressed person knows...]

Size: 40
...it's not about the number of pieces in your closet, but about one's ability to make full use of their clothing. i have been purging a great number of my personal items in my shop. while i take a number of items to thrift stores i reserve a few of them for clients and for many of you who may be interested in picking up quality pieces.
when i list items in my shop, i also take time to style each piece. it gives one the opportunity to see the potential it has. while i may not wear the piece as it is styled...it is a look that is wearable.
over the last few weeks i have sold a number of pieces so it was essential that i updated the shop. below you will find a listing of all new pieces in the shop. all items are linked to ebay and have a buy it now price. some items don't reach the end of auction because i am constantly styling gentleman and they various items.
with all of my clients i offer complimentary styling services. if they purchase a blazer, i introduce them several personalized looks they can execute
Size: 40
even if arent able to purchase, at least take a moment to bask in the eye candy of clothing.
Size: 40
all items in this post are in the shop. and much more.

have a stylish sunday