[bowling in bowties recap]

i had an amazing time at the inaugural bowling in bowties pre-charity event held in charlotte, this past weekend at strike city. the marketing team couldnt pass up an opportunity to snap a few pictures of guys in bowties, so we decided to join in on the fun as well. 
there were a few hiccups, but the night was filled with networking and everyone throwing strikes...well almost.
there were a lot of individuals getting lessons in tying bowties, which was quite helpful for many. i want to take a moment to share with you my vision behind bowling in bowties.
bowling in bowties will become a full fledged charity event geared toward raise money to help outfit young men in the charlotte and surrounding areas, for success. i am a huge advocate of being well dressed at every stage in your life.
with the current state of the economy getting a decent paying job is very competitive. what makes it even more challenging is when young men are immediately avoided because of their dress style.
it is very unlikely that someone is going to hire a young man, who has his pants below his butt or wearing leopard print tights. unless you are a rapper, named lil' wayne this is not acceptable for the business arena.
the grungy, tatter jeans and dirty tee shirts maybe be celebrated on tumblr or perhaps some fashion forward movements, but in the professional world, it gets you almost nowhere.
i am not ashamed to publicly express my disapproval of the shortage of well-dressed young men. while they do exist in small pockets in various cities, they are far less visible than those we see in mainstream media.
with my philosophy on style as well as my knowledge of thrift store shopping, i am going to use part of my ability to give back to young men who are looking to travel down the road of success. while being well dressed does not guarantee one a better paying job, it does however, exude class and confidence.
bowling in bowties is a fun twist to raise money and awareness of how to properly present oneself to the business and classic social world. myself along with capable local stylists and wardrobe consultants, will take these young men and properly dress them for the next level of their lives...for free.
a special thank you to the cordial churchman who was a sponsor for bowling in bowties. andy from the cordial churchman was on hand to talk about bowties as well as his commitment to our cause. this company has an amazing story on how a talent evolved in an amazing business. 
andy brought in a full spread ob bowties and neckties for the gentleman and the ladies to feast their eyes upon. 
several bowlers went home with their very own cordial churchman handcrafted bowtie...
and you can too. i will be giving away a bowtie from the cordial churchman very soon.
we hope each of you will consider joining us in the spring of 2012...it will be bigger and certainly better.