room update: 10-year-old client

i sent mom this image via email

mom replied

Not sure that I like it.
From the photo, it looks like the shades of pink are clashing rather than complimenting.

Have you covered the lamp shades yet? I’m not sure I’m going to like that.

And, the border on the curtains? I’m not sure I like that deeper pink/purple for that – it’s clashing with the bedspread color that she chose.

uh nah i wasnt worried. i said

Design is almost like testing a recipe. You wouldnt test it before it's done. I am sure the end result will be amazing!

then i brought these over,
and she was all smiley and happy and stuff. LOL.
i chose these lamps and was going to redo the shades, but during the install, they just didnt work.
so i pulled this base and shade out of my lamp stash, to replace them with the other ones. the shade really highlights the modern design of the pillow. details my friend. its all in the details.
mom and daughter wanted a chandelier. i chose this one. it was so awesome to know that they actually looked at this chandelier a few months ago. look at that nice cotton candy colored pink wall...ummmm

well this is where i left them hanging on saturday. we have one more install day to bring everything together.