i'm coming to DC...get your design on!

i love dc. lets face it. i went twice earlier this year and finally found an economical solution to get back before the year was up. while there i will be meeting with friends and associates, chomping down at clydes and i will be
it goes like this:

once you schedule your design consultation, i will began working on an amazing design plan for you. when we meet, we will go over each element thoroughly. the design consultation will include possible fabric options, paint samples, source list or inspiration listing (if you are using thrift as your resource).

if you are in need of styling for the holidays or perhaps for a few events next year, i can make my way to your closet and then visit a few stores to pull some pieces together to give you that classic, yet bold and modern look.

very simple. how great is this for the DC area especially with the holidays coming up.


if you are in the DC area and would like to schedule a design consult while i am visiting you may purchase from the left sidebar to get the conversation started.