[mixology monday: tweed-stripes-dots]

my good fashion forward friend jor el and i visited the charlotte allen edmunds store on last week to talk style and set up for an event we are having in early december. 

we also stopped into nordstroms and the sales associate complimented us on our attire. he voluntarily told us that he did not like what he was wearing.

i asked him, "is this something management made you wear?"

his reply was, "no, funds are tight." well that was my cue to make a pitch. and i did. well, we did.

jor el ran down the cost of his entire outfit. cheaper than mine, but the "take away" from that moment was that style has no price tag.
the sales associate was certainly intrigued. we exchanged cards and information and we told him that if he needed assistance with creating a wardrobe on a modest budget, we are the perfect gentleman to coach him.
now its true. i do have pieces in my closet that aren't thrifted and not inexpensive. however, it is the mix of both the classic and the modern that makes it hard to tell which costs more.
so always remember ladies and gentleman, its not how much something costs, its how you wear it.

ralph lauren shirt, banana republic tie, vintage tie pin, thrifted vest, vintage (tailored) pants from a double breasted suit, socks brooks brothers, billy reid buffalo skin shoes. 

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