[a nostalgic thrift]

i am sure we all have those serendipitous moments when we go into a vintage or 2nd hand store and come across a find that is [a nostalgic thrift]. at times you even reminisce right in the store. such is the case with this record player.

i remember going to my aunt d's house and listening to records on her record player. finding this player brought back a number of childhood memories.
it's not vintage. it was made in 1998. however, it was still a great buy. of course i went looking for a few vinyl lps to play on it. there are so many in 2nd hand stores. however, i was only able to find only two i liked. both by this music icon.
you can imagine the atmosphere in my apartment playing songs like unforgettable and mona lisa. i have a few other records id like to buy very soon, if i don't find them.

music playing. 

fireplace crackling. 

beverage of choice. 

a good book.

mr. benjamin at my feet. 

yea...this is the life