[when i organized my pantry...]

...i found some stuff i didn't know i had. it's one of those "out of sight, out of mind deals." with the holidays coming up and my attempt to entertain this holiday season, i knew it was essential for me to began cleaning out those little pockets of goodness in my condo.
a found these goldish flatware. i bought them from target a year or two ago because they were on sale. again, i repeat, back in the day target was the go to place for inexpensive yet quality looking pieces. 
the reviews on the flatware was that they would rust after one wash. i ignored the reviews. bought three boxes. guess what? after one wash...yea yea yea. so i assumed i had thrown them away. apparently not. 
so this holiday season, i am going to send them off with one last sha bang before throwing them out. unless of course they don't rust.
i also came across this vintage set of apple canisters. i bought them way back when i intended to open a small etsy shop. however, that never happened. but they are for sale and you can email me here for more information.
i thought they would be a fun addition to someone's kitchen. some of the facebook reader think otherwise.  i do agree with them, however, this is a time for me to clear out my home so that i can breath a bit more.

okay i know i am not the only one that finds stuff when the time comes to clean and organize.
confession time.
let's hear it, what was your latest find?