Mr. GWH, what kind of...

i have been asked, "what kind of camera do i use." since i am no expert at photography, i figured i could at least relish in the notion that someone actually likes my photographic hustle.
i currently use a canon eos rebel xs

it takes amazing pictures. it focuses pretty much on target. there are occasions where id like to focus in certain areas (im sure i can do it, i just haven't read the manual).
i admit i dont use a lot of post edits. i try to be as ethical as possible. i studied journalism in undergrad and i still hold true to many of the lessons i learned.
i prefer the natural beauty of whatever i am photographing to shine boldly, rather than a lot of unnecessary fluff.

i tend to only take photos between 7:30am and 9am when the daylight is softest. a great photographer will tell you its about natural light. for me the best places to look for tips on producing natural photos are blog and food magazines.
for this photo of my yves saint laurent loafers, i created a white box of sorts and placed my shoes inside and photographed them. i learned this from a foodie blog.

i dont really get caught up in iso and functions this and functions that. i prefer less techy more snappy. which means i have a lot to learn because they can certainly enhance one's photos

a great camera is only great if you know how to stretch it to its limit. i learn by doing. for this blog the camera i have is great.

i will upgrade. soon.

what type camera do you currently use?