OPEN DISCUSSION: thrift store prices

okay. there will be no pictures in this posts, just grown folks talking. is that alright?

we all love a great thrift store with incredible finds as well as reasonable prices. lately there has been a buzz surrounding the fact the thrift stores have raised their prices...SIGNIFICANTLY. 

here is my perspective. 

some items like furniture are a hit or miss in thrift stores. sometimes i find great deals, while other times i scratch my head in amazement. yes. prices have increased, but it doesn't really affect me because there really isn't anything i am in need of...currently although a huge part of my current business is transforming thrift store finds for clients and to inspire, i don't make a significant amount of money to not desire a good deal.

i think thrift store prices should be lower than anywhere else. most of the items are donated for  price hiking does set me on the edge of my wingback chair.

i think some stores read blogs, watch shows and fumble through the interweb to see how to price items. which i am okay with. however, $45.99 for a plate...uh no (mind you it eventually went down to $3.99 because no one bought them).

i do worry about honest families that hit hard times and shop thrift because their income is fixed. a $99 dresser to put their children clothes in can be quite much. however, the 99 cent pants and dresses does seem to balance that out...i think.

i do know many thrift stores use proceeds for programming and to help with community empowerment efforts. these type things i am all for. i also know my purchases helps to fund salaries for some of the employees...i think. 

in essence some stores have gotten savvy and have increased their prices. are blogs to blame? are news stories about a 99 cent plate being sold for $5,000 raising eyebrows? 

honestly, i dont know. 

some thrift stores like goodwill and the salvation army prices clothing according to group, regardless of the brand. value village prices items individually and are color coded which offers an additional discounts depending on the day.

i dont mind paying a bit more for something that i like, but if i think its too high, i simply don't buy it. if everyone else feels the same way, sometimes stores will lower the price.

the salvation army has an excellent policy (nationwide...i believe) if furniture has been sitting for 7 or more days they reduce the prices. that i like. 

i dont know all the major chains and i certainly don't know all the thrift stores local to your city...

so let's cut to the meat of this post...

1. so why are some thrift store prices going up? 

2. are thrift prices in balance to everything else in society?

3. why do they price items so high if they are being donated for free?

4. who does the pricing?

5. what is the money used for?

6. if we complain about high prices do thrift stores even care?

7. are prices really that high or are we complaining too much?

8. should thrift stores profit like any other retail store?

9. what is a thrift store?

10. do thrift stores even read this