MY new glasses. YOUR DISCOUNT

truth is, i actually wear glasses because my vision is quite poor. the unfortunate thing is that i have a hard time keeping up with them. however, 39dollarglasses came in just in the nick of time for the blog launch of statistical southern style.

39dollarglasses contacted me a few weeks ago to do a review on their specs. knowing i needed glasses, i took the opportunity. the worst that could happen would be i didn't like them and would only wear them for driving.

honestly, if i had heard of this company months ago, i would have definitely bought a pair.

first up the ordering. that was easy. i chose the broadway in demi amber, which has a tortoise shell appearance (the selection is massive by the way and i am certain you will find something you like).

i then typed in my prescription and completed my order. after they sent me a follow-up email confirming my order, they then sent me an email letting me know it was shipped and provided tracking information.

after about 7 days. they arrived neatly packaged with a case and a cleaning cloth.

the glasses themselves are amazing.
i had to test them out. so i wore them to an invitation only breakfast with the amazing and kind Suzanne Kasler. ahhh to have an opportunity to hear her thoughts and learn so much from her was life changing. thanks so much jennifer powell for the photo. wait. no glassses? yea, i am used to taking them off before pictures because of the glare.
however, Tracey of kravet home was not having that. she said, "i need you to put on the glasses and everything!" so i did.
and who could forget the ever stylish Ms. Betty was sporting a cummerbund during the Suzanne Kasler book signing luncheon at the lee jofa showroom in charlotte, nc.

so its official my new glasses from 39dollarglasses is a win. they liked them and i love them.

if you want your own pair you can use promo code GOODWILL and get an additional 10 % off your order.

trust me you wont regret it!

so click 39dollarglasses, then use promo code GOODWILL and add the gift of sight to your holiday. i'm sure glad i did.