my thrifted $4 box of ornaments

hope everyone had an amazing weekend. mine was filled with a few parties, a little singing and a client meeting.

as stated before i am not a put-up-stuff-for-a-holiday kind of person. so when i made the decision to at least add some holiday cheer to my home i was certain i didnt want to spend a lot of money. the truth is when decorating your home for any special occasion or season, i think it is best to simply accentuate the current design aesthetics of your space. using my apartment as a back drop, it was pretty easy and inexpensive to add holiday decor.
i bought a box of 45 count ornaments from wal-mart as a starting point to seasonal decorating. it was $15 and i was really on the fence about buying it. hobby lobby had a lot of their ornaments on sale. unfortunately, people in my area go hard on ornaments, because they had almost none of the color i needed.
after i used a few of the ornaments i bought from wal-mart i figured i needed another box in order to add the proper feel. again i was on the fence about the $15 so i decided to stop into goodwill. i know they bring out a good amount of holiday decor, but i wasnt sure about pricing or if they would have want i wanted.
well as it turns out i found a box of 50 count assorted ornaments in silver for $3.99. oh yes. i was feeling mighty fine. but wait, there was another pack of gold ornaments on the bottom self. i mean at $3.99 how could i say no. i should have dropped in goodwill first, perhaps for $15 i could have had more options. maybe.
so as you see i had an additional 100 ornaments to add to the ones i purchased. feeling somewhat overwhelmed i thought what would make the most impact. so i strung a few together and made 5 ornament chandeliers or ceiling hangings.

one is in the entryway at the top of the stairs, one in the kitchen, two in the dining room and one in the mini hallway in front of the bathroom.

simple, budget friendly, and easy.

you don't need a lot to do a lot.