5 things i'd like to do in 2012...

i am one that normally keep much of my personal goals and aspirations to myself. since 2012 has already started i thought it would be great to share some of them with you guys.

1. i want to find an agent. every since i was invited to be on the nate berkus show a number of times, i started receiving a few emails from networks. i get quite a few emails asking me if i plan to do more television or more projects or travel around the country. travel costs. the truth is, many people who you see on television often is made possible by a team of highly skilled professionals. agents. these people know the business and know how to get you the business. i think i lost out on a BIG commercial deal i was presented with because i didn't have an agent. not sure. it really stung when i saw the commercial and who they chose. i got over it. quickly. cant keep a GOOD man down.

i sent an email to an agency on last year. they snubbed me. perhaps i am being slightly dramatic, but hey. so if you know of an agent looking for a client, well...ahem. LOL.
2. i want to buy a condo or loft. after this post and reading some of the comments and doing some more research on properties, i realize there are still some great deals still out there.

i have almost paid in rent, the cost of actually owning a small loft or condo in the charlotte area.

it will be somewhat a challenge because i was laid off my traditional job in december of 2010. while clocking in to that 9 to 5 isnt for everyone, that 9 to 5 guaranteed income would show up in the bank account. let's be real here folks. you cant pay bills in fabric samples and thrift store finds. ya'll ain't saying much.

after one of my good friends told me about her $70,000 home purchase in the atlanta area, i thought it was time. so...
3. i want to open up a men's boutique. yea i talked to one of my friends about this. they weren't as excited as i was. so quite naturally it gave me more fuel to do it. i don't want a huge store. just a place where gentleman can come browse. hang out and select pieces for themselves.
4. i want to go to paris.

5. adding more clients to my portfolio would be nice. bringing a smile to people's faces through a beautiful space is touching. im not a sap. matter fact im not all that mushy mushy either, but it does give me great joy to see someone excited about their new space. which leads me to the


6. i would actually like to have a team of people for 2012. you know someone to help make this business endeavor easier. anyone who knows me personally know that i am protective of the things i have worked hard for. i cant just let anyone come in. people may say they are for you, but sometimes they only come to learn all they can and try to one up on you. oh don't make that face. you know i'm telling the truth. LOL.

so those are 6 of the things id like to do in 2012. any goals you would like to share?