do you want to be thrift pals?

in 2012 there will be so many interactive opportunities for all of you to take part in. aren't you excited?

first up...THRIFT PALS

this community will exchange small thrifted gifts to each other ever so often. when each person has received their gift they will share a few photos of the item and talk about whether the like or joking.

let's face it. some areas have better thrift stores and how fun would it be to receive something some california if you are on the east coast!


1. the first requirement for this is that you must have a public Blog or Twitter or YouTube or summin like that for a year or more. i know many of you are cringing because you dont' have any of these. however, for this first run we need a way to maintain credibility. i can't bear the thought of absolute strangers sending stuff in the mail and we really don't have a clue who they are.

2. there wont be a price limit as prices for things vary according to the person setting the price. sometime a lil ole thing can cost much more than a big ole thing.

3. all participants MUST agree to share at the same time about the gift they received. they are also asked to link to all others that are participating so that readers can join in the fun.

4. send me your info via email ( with the subject THRIFT PAL and i will ask you a series of questions. once you answer i will pair you with the ideal "thrift pal." i wont be doing this on my own. i will have

i think this is an exciting way to create a small community and share small tokens from around the country.

so who's in?