your thrifted wardrobe....
style is my fourth love. GOD first and family second. there is a toss up between food and singing for the third love. however, i am drawn to great style. i have a particular sense of style that i enjoy, but definitely appreciate almost all styles.

the truth is, most of my friends are quite stylish, which includes you. so in 2012 i want to highlight a bit more of fashion and style so i am working on a new series, but i need your help.  
i am looking to feature your thrifted or vintage style to share with others. let's be honest. some of you get tired of seeing my awesome bowties and amazing button up shirts. so i definitely want to keep the blog as fresh as possible.
i am looking for your personal style, but one that i like as well. nothing crazy. nothing dirty looking. nothing just randomly thrown together without thought. but definitely stylish. 
you do NOT have to be a blogger. your photos must be the highest resolution as possible. i am willing to accept a few mobile phone pictures. between you and me a lot of flash photography does nothing for your natural less flashie more naturalie photos. no fancy edits.

also, all that modeling stuff with the hand breaking ya back and foot turned all upside down. yea. umm..

please send me several pictures. do not ask me to go through your blog to find stuff. i have a short attention span. really. i do. BRB.... joking. 

if you send me something every week...smashing!
here is the MOST IMPORTANT MUST be centered around THRIFT or VINTAGE. it's okay to throw on your louboutin pumps or your favortie stubbs and wooton. with it. 

sometimes my shirt cost more than the thrift suit i wear. 

so send me what you have. in the subject line write THRIFT SUBMISSION (yep capitalize it...short attention span remember).

please note that i will be unable to feature every submitted piece, but know i will read them all and respond.