my saarinen knoll tulip chairs

after tweeting about my authentic saarinen tulips chairs that were in my storage closet, i decided i would blog about them.

i actually had 7 of these chairs over the last few years. i found four in them in a junk shop while i was working at my previous job (well before my good blogging days). they were not in good shape,  i had them repainted at a friend's auto body shop and placed them on ebay. i sold them to very well-ta-do couple from charlotte, nc.
after they sold. i started an active search to find another set. although i found a few more i didn't attempt to sell them or even use them. i stored them away.
well they are back. almost.
in 2012 one of my personal goals is to reduce the amount of items i have stored away, especially if i have not used them in a while. and these saarnien knoll tulip chairs fit that bill.
i realize these iconic and authentic chairs are prized possessions in the design community. however, they don't fit my style.
so instead of just leaving them in storage i will offer them to someone else via ebay. now i am showing an image of this stamp. BR-51 is a sure way to tell if a tulip chair is authentic or not. if it is NOT stamped with this chances are very high it is a reproduction...even if it was during the same era.

each one will be listed on EBAY until all three have been spoken for. if you have any questions you are more than welcome to email me.