another "happified" client...

well before i started blogging i have been thrifting and uncovering treasures. a few weeks ago, i remembered that i had stored away 3 authentic eero-saarinen knoll tulip chairs in my storage closet (i had a total of 7). most design enthusiast would crucify me for having done that. lol.
however, i manage to sell one of these to a twitter follower who lived close enough to do a pick-up. she tweeted me a picture and it looks great in her office space. i am so glad she was able to get it at a great price. the saarinen armless tulip chairs retail on the design within reach website for a few thousands. so she really got a great deal.
 i have finally touched up the other two chairs and have placed them on ebay. i have also decided to offer a shipping option. there were quite a few buyers who lived in california, but because i didn't offer shipping they were unable to purchase.

if you are interested in them or just want to see how they do at auction here is the listing.

another happified client. (nah happified isnt a real word. i kinda made it up. lol)