i really wanted these...but...

there are some things i thrift and there are other items i will plunk down the money for. if i see a great pair of shoes or pair of trousers i really want, i will almost undoubtedly and recklessly buy them..regardless of cost. enter these pants.
just like most fashionable gents and ladies, i stalk ebay. while stalking i found these spendy brooks brothers black fleece wool houndstooth trousers, by thom browne. i immediately emailed the seller to get more information. rent must have been due because he lowered the price $50 within two emails.

before i clicked buy now, i sent the image to a friend to get his opinion. he loved them of course, but said, "im sure you can thrift something like that, they have a vintage quality."

touche' touche'
i was having doubts that i would be able to find something like this. i mean you cant always tell what a thrift store would have. since i am a reasonable guy. i decided not to buy them.the size was a BB1 and that translate to skimpy in the butt and leg area. i dont like the skimpy jeans...i meant skinny jeans fad. i hope it goes away quick so retailers can focus on classic styling.
 i was visiting my parents and baby sitting the cutest niece in the whole world. mom and i decided to visit a few local shops and i saw this suit. my mouth bout hit the floor. i was for sure i would be high stepping and would have an amazing tale to tell about how i found a thom browneish vintage suit.

oh no.
not this time. this suit was too small. men were quite petite in those days if i must say. i still bought it because i knew several people visit my blog for unique vintage men apparel. so its on the sidebar if you would like to purchase it.
just the other day i was in another city meeting a potential client and decided to visit the local thrift stores while i was in town. and i saw these.you know exactly what i am thinking. score one for the team. surprisingly they are too big, but a quick trip to the tailors for surgery and they will be one great pair of trousers.

i am so glad i waited. i now have a great pair of pants and i and saved a whole bunch of money by switching to gieco. lol.

have you ever seen something you really wanted to buy, but waited and was able to save money and feel like you just hit the lotto? well maybe not the lotto...lol