the before: client's small bedroom

so we are in the home stretch. i was for sure i would have photos of the completed bedroom, but alas i don't. we had to make some final changes in the end, but this week i am determine to make it all finished.
since many of you haven't seen the bedroom, i thought it would be great to walk you through the bedroom before the big reveal. as you can see the bedroom is quite small. the little one just turned 10 and mom wanted to give her a big girl space. the bed you see is a twin and it was time to step it up.

to step it up, mom wanted me to use her childhood bed and revamp it so that her daughter could now use it. awwww. 
when i walked into the room mom said, "did you see my attempt at decorating?"
i said, "where?"
she said, "the letters on the wall!"
i looked at her and couldn't but laugh. they were great. lol.
as you can see the right side of the room has a huge window. it is the only natural light source in the room, besides what comes by way of the hallway. the room is a square, but not a perfect square. it is a bit longer than it is wide. i had to juggle the space plan about 4 times before i was satisfied with how to maximize the space.
with the new bed being a full, i decided to put the bed on the window wall. which meant i removed the dresser you see. removing this dresser meant that i would need to bring back storage in another part of the room. which caused this and eventually led to this
now we are on the other side of the room. you see that weeee desk. here is a rule of thumb when designing a child's space. many of them will on be pint sized for just a few years. invest in standard sized furniture as an investment that will last them for a number of years. 

i took the mirror down from this area and added another desk. a bigger desk.
welp that is the room. kinda small and with a small budget we made some BIG changes.
i originally sourced these lamps from a somewhat pricey vintage store. i opted NOT to use them so they are for sale. $50 each not including shipping. 
if you interested in purchasing them please email me at and i can get you fixed right up. also the twin bed and dresser in this space also for sale. send me an email if you perhaps want to make an offer to my client. 

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bedroom photo credits: graham burke photography