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i have been engaging audiences from several hundreds to tens of thousands over the past few years and its great to be able to share my current passion with so many.

here is a recent email from one of my engagements.

Hi Ronnie.  
Hope all is well with you tonight.  This e-mail is from Jessica...from York County Head Start.  I saw you last Friday at the Post Office and you were looking "DEBONAIR" as usual in your red sweater with a yellow shirt beneath.  I didn't get the chance to speak to you then because I was passing by in my car.

I am e-mailing you to inform you that on January 25 myself & my co-worker attended our monthly caseworker meeting in rock hill along with other caseworkers from York County Head Starts...My co-worker & I gave you your "PROPTS" of doing "YOUR THANG" at our Parent Meeting.

With this being said, everyone was AMAZED...IN AWE... that we had such a "FINE CELEBRITY" to speak at our Parent Meeting. I showed them pictures of you and your work that i printed from the internet. 

Now others want you to come to their Head Start Centers as there guest speaker.  Let me know if you are interested & available during the months of March & April.  The caseworker at North Chester Head Start (in Chester) would like to have you next month.

Hit me back if you want me to give you more contact info. or if it's ok to pass your website and e-mail on to others.

Thank you,
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i hope you will join me.
if you would like to book me in your city for an event send a request to
if you are in the rock hill-charlotte area you can join me for the "thrifting 101: getting back to the basics" on march 24th.