a few vintage items for ya...

many of you can probably imagine that i come across quite a few unique finds in my vintage shopping. most times i leave them. however, i started picking up a few after getting several emails from supporters wanting to know if i can start offering some of the goods on my website site. well that may come soon but here are a few items i have that i have never gotten around to using. 
 nothing really shows better than a decorative vintage piece of glass and this amber colored vase is really showing it. i saw this some time ago and picked it up and was contemplating using it on a tablescape, but then i get a bit lazy. however, i still think it is magnificent.
what a pop of cherry this will add to you home! i came across this vintage yellow ice bucket some time ago 
while i was traveling. i just knew i had to get it, although it was a bit more than i wanted to spend. after    buying it i never used it because i had three of these. adding retro to your home has never been easier!
now i dont drink tea or coffee, but that doesnt mean i cant have a nice black teapot. people use to always say, "that's that pot calling the kettle black." well...ive got a teapot now.
not sure if i am going to keep this or not, but it is an amazing oscar de la renta garment bag. i have a lot of suits so that may come in handy when i am traveling.