making progress...

if you can tell the blog is a bit different. i was tweeking yesterday and kind of deleted the whole template. so perhaps over the weekend i can get it back to how it should be.

so in other news, today i am finally installing the 10 year old's room.
if you remember in this post,  i scored an amazing piece that allowed me to get sort of a two for one deal. which is great because beside tables can be one of the hardest things to source when you are comparing price as well as size. as you can tell from the above image, i asked the contractor to build a base for each piece identical to the base they both sat on when placed together.

we kept the base so that the piece can be re-used in its intentional design later on down the road.
since there is a lot of white in this space i need another neutral to ease the eye a bit, so i choose to paint the dressers gray. although you cannot really tell from this image the color is a bit darker.

we are going to reuse the hardware that is currently on it, but update it by spraying it gold which will match the hardware on the desk.
as you can see these dressers are pretty substantial, which i love.

i will share more photos with you very soon.