look at those sexy legs...

what did you think i was talking about? LOL. 

when i walked in gw the other day, my eyes were immediately drawn to the legs on these tables. i know they are office tables. but that also means they are industrial, sturdy not to mention chrome.

i stood there for a few moments debating about buying them. but i aint no dummy. i snatched the tag off first.

one of my regular shopping buddies was in the store that day and she said, "you should really get them. the price is right and if you dont you are going to be kicking yourself later on for not buying them."

she was right.
i have been wanting a round table in my dining area ever since i switched it to an office space. i kept scouting out the stores to see if there were any amazing round wood tables that can be a small project for myself and to share on the blog.

honestly, these fit the bill perfectly. i may not use them right away, but i definitely envision them on a dark hardwood floor, with a zebra rug underneath.

a $9.99 table like this would be excellent in a small space as compared to an ikea table. don you think?

sometimes you just have to buy it even if you dont have the room for it, especially if the price is around two movie tickets.