a new addition to the blog...

i am very excited to be able to add a separate store to the blog where you can go an peruse the latest in vintage classic wear for men.

this shop serves as an opportunity for gentlemen all over the world to add some classic yet well made vintage pieces to their wardrobe. each item is hand selected an inspected to ensure it is the highest quality possible.

so what is in the shop? blazers, suits, ties, trousers and a few cufflinks, most of which will be quality vintage. i believe a good room and wardrobe is comprised of the classics as well as some new pieces.

i do my best to stock an array of sizes for all men. click on the image above to check out the latest items.

i do have about 20 more pieces that i will be adding throughout the day. to stay updated on new additions to the site follow me on TWITTER and be the first to know.

dont forget to REGISTER for the thrifting 101 seminar...its going to be so much fun!