well i did it...

i sold my bed. need the background story click HERE.
the bed was amazing, but it was really too big for my space. plus i wanted to try out an easy diy for a bed, i sold it to a lady on craigslist. she really tried her best to out negotiate me. not a chance. sometimes you have to stand firm and be willing to say, "well i am sooo sorry you drove all this way. thanks anyway."

now i didnt get the exact price i wanted, but i accepted something pretty decent.

so what now? do i sleep on the floor?

now i start brain storming a quick fix for the bedroom. if you have been following me for a while you will know i picked these up. you can read more about them HERE.
as you can see these wall sconces don't have a shade, but i recently found some at a great price and will be taking you on that journey very soon. these wall sconces are great because they dont have to be hardwired in to the wall.
black spray paint will obviously be the trick here. i am kind of pumped about the whole thing. i need a good project to keep me going. 

what do you think? what's going on in your bedroom?

i want to welcome my lastest supporter for the blog. hopewell creek imaginative felt toys. she has such an amazing talent and has been featured in so many places. please hope over to her etsy site and take a look around.