greek key chair

if you are a fan on facebook, then you are probably privy to the fact that i scored this amazing greek key chair last night
i was coming home from a failed client installation. i was pretty bummed as my client was not happy at all. there was really nothing i could do, but i decided to hit the local thrift stores. on my last stop i came upon this amazing greek key chair. i was going to leave it in the store because i didnt need it. a friend texted me and said BUY IT! she knew how quickly i leave great things behind.
after such a positive response on FACEBOOK, i took to the intrawebs to do a little research. this is what i found. a very similar (perhaps same manufacturer), pair of chairs on first dibs. first dibs is not cheap by any all. there have been quite a few avid thrifters that have come across some amazing finds and were able to match them against first dibs. almost a right of passage.

i am not sure who the manufacturer is as the tags have been removed, but but but, i am convinced its a reputable company, perhaps baker or century if i had to guess.

UPDATE: a reader found this LINK that gives a good price point.