from the weekend: an hour away

many of you celebrated easter this past weekend and i hope you had a wonderful time doing that. i went to our church's annual youth conference and it was held in myrtle beach. the weather was not favorable when a number of us arrived on thursday. it was raining and cold.
however, saturday morning, the heavens opened up and the sun came out and it was beautiful. so i took advantage of the weather and walked to the beach. it was just 3 blocks from out hosts hotel.
 myrtle beach is only an hour away from my hometown and i have never really taken the time to go. my sister and her friends would go quite often.
i'm not really a water kind of guy because i cant swim. i must say i enjoyed the hour walk along the coast line watching the children run away from the waves, then running back after it.
 the hour walk along the shore line was so peaceful. i didnt build a sandcastle, but i did see a few in the making. 

i arrived early that morning so i was able to see most of the lifeguards and the beach police prepare for the day.
  the day before i scooted down to the water, my brother, mom and myself had lunch at this amazing restaurant. i cant remember the name, but it was located at broadway at the beach.
i ordered this loaded baked potato with some broccoli cheddar soup. it was so delicious. yea thats quite a bit of butter. paula deen would be happy. i just know it.

my brother, who is 22 today, snapped this random photo mine while i was in the lobby. i have been wanting to wear my green trousers for quite some time and i was finally able to do that friday morning.

i paired it with a very old, yet iconic ralph lauren blazer a striped french cuff shirt from tj maxx and a navy blue polka dot bowtie, my mother made.

of course i did some thrifting at the was your weekend?